Gold Prayer

The Importance of Prayer: How a Christian Gold Company Stands Out by Defending Americans’ Retirement

The uncertainty of our nation’s economy is prompting many Americans to take action with their portfolios. Transfers and rollovers from 401(k), 403(b), IRAs, and other types of retirement accounts are on the rise as Americans seek the higher ground of physical precious metals to back their life’s savings.

It’s a big decision. Years of a pre-Covid economy that was on the rise made many complacent about how their retirement portfolio was distributed, but multiple fiscal challenges that have risen the last three years have shone a bright spotlight on protecting assets.

“On one hand, the threats of a major downturn have been positive because they have woken people up to the need to take control of their finances,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. “But the silver lining of awareness is insignificant compared to the real threats Americans are facing right now.”

As a Christian precious metals company, Genesis Gold Group understands the importance of seeking guidance from God in all of our decisions. This is why they do not pressure customers into making purchases. They don’t use fearmongering or scare tactics to get people to buy immediately. They don’t offer “free” silver as false enticements to make customers act quickly. They encourage their customers to pray about their decision and often find themselves praying along with them over the phone.

“We encourage customers to pray about their decision and will pray with them about this and other needs they may have before, during, and after the call,” said David Holland, Director of Philanthropy for Genesis Gold Group.

Americans shouldn’t be pressured into making a decision like this. Even if the path is clear, it’s important to know that it’s the right one we’re intended to travel. Precious metals have always held value throughout human existence. Gold is mentioned in the Book of Genesis just as it’s mentioned in the Book of Revelation. But just because physical precious metals might be the best option for retirement accounts doesn’t mean every offering is going to be beneficial.

As Rose noted, there are far too many bad deals being pushed onto Americans today.

“In the quarter century I’ve been in the precious metals business, I’ve never seen as much shenanigans being unleashed on people as I’m seeing from other companies today,” he said. “It’s not just the ‘free’ silver. They’re using tactics that we would never even consider because our focus is on helping Americans.”

The company’s primary consideration is true customer service. This is why their customers often refer friends and relatives in similar situations to Genesis Gold Group. It’s also why they are the highest-rated precious metals company through the Better Business Bureau. Here are some of the recent reviews from actual customers:

  • “Genesis Gold Group has been very helpful to me as a first time customer. They were very patient with me and answered every question I had. The process of moving my funds from my former account to Genesis Gold Group was straightforward and easy. I highly recommend their services.” — Brian B.

  • “Recently, I had two experiences with Genesis Gold Group and both were very easy transactions. My agent was very knowledgeable and informative about the products that I was interested in. I suggest that for anyone looking to move their retirement into tangible materials, Genesis Gold Group is the company to choose.” — Joyce R.

  • “Genesis Gold Group is a wonderful company to do business with. The staff are knowledgeable, courteous, and patient. They know I’ve had many questions before, during, and even after opening my Self-Directed IRA and everyone has been very kind and open. Start your Gold IRA with Genesis Gold Group without reservation!” — Gerald C.

  • “With the downward turn in the market, I have been wanting to transfer my IRA to gold/precious metals. I am so happy that I came across Genesis Gold Group. They made the process seamless. Their staff are exceptional at customer service. They have knowledge, care, and patience with newbies, like me. They kept me informed along the way and reached out several times to see if I had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in investing in precious metals.” — Tonya S.

Prayer is important in every aspect of a Christian’s life. This is why Genesis Gold Group is patient, never pressuring customers to make decisions until they’re sure they’re on the right path. Those who want to protect their life’s savings with a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals should reach out to Genesis Gold Group today.

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