3 Reasons to Transfer or Rollover Your Retirement Accounts Out of the Stock Market

There was a time not too long ago when most mature Americans left their retirement accounts in the hands of financial advisors or portfolio managers. They essentially took the “set it and forget it” mentality because the various markets were relatively safe. The economy was rolling. Even during brief downturns, we had a reasonable expectation that short-term losses would be recovered.

In 2024, that’s simply no longer the case. Conscientious Americans are concerned about their life’s savings, and rightly so. Our nation is not experiencing mild financial turbulence. The economy is suffering with many key indicators in absolute freefall.

It started with the pandemic. It was exacerbated by current fiscal policies out of Washington DC. Central banks have added to the problems. The banking crisis, inflation, and tumultuous geopolitical events have made recovery in the near-term impossible and have dampened prospects of a long-term recovery as well.

Through it all, the financial advisors and portfolio managers have stayed in line with keeping retirement accounts in current markets. Why? Because that’s what they’re paid to do. That’s how they make their living. They are incentivized to keep portfolios in failing markets and they are further incentivized to invest retirement accounts into failing ESG funds.

Americans should consider the safe haven of gold and silver as soon as possible. At Genesis Gold Group, we help people secure their retirement accounts into a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals.

Here are three reasons why a transfer or rollover into a Genesis IRA makes sense.

The Fed Is Setting Up a Stock Market Crash

It’s a bold statement to say the Federal Reserve “is” setting up a stock market crash versus saying it “may be” doing so. But considering everything we’ve seen over the past three years, it’s hard to dispute that they see crashing the market as the better option over a futile attempt to preserve it.

In other words, they know it’s coming so they’re trying to keep other aspects of the economy bolstered. According to Mike Holly at

Today, the Fed is clearly still concerned about the inflation. However, higher interest rates have already led to a financial crisis among the banks. Experiences with past markets indicate that, if the Fed continues to fight inflation, the stock markets will likely crash, like they did twice in both the early 1900s and early 2000s. If the Fed gives up their inflation fight, the stock market will likely gradually fall in value over many years if not decades, like they did after 1965.

Holly’s analysis is not unique. Many who subscribe to a more conservative fiscal worldview are seeing the same thing. It’s noteworthy that even companies like BlackRock and JPMorgan have quietly advised their biggest investors to move money into precious metals in the last few weeks.

The Economy Is Worse Than Corporate Media Is Allowed to Say

Those who get their news from corporate media alone likely have no idea how poor the economy really is. The same commentators who were lambasting President Trump’s 2% inflation are heralding Joe Biden’s drop to “only” 4%. That’s how American propaganda works in 2024.

Corporate media’s role under the current administration is to keep Americans thinking the economy isn’t as bad as it really is. That may rankle the feathers of those who support Democrat policies, but it’s undeniable when we look at how the media has covered everything from the banking collapses to inflation. They’re engaged in narrative control instead of news reporting.

But truth is truth and there’s no way to keep it hidden for much longer. Americans can read their quarterly reports. We can see the numbers in our bank statements. We are paying the prices at stores.

We’re not stupid.

When the information dam breaks and the truth becomes impossible for corporate media to deny, the economic repercussions will be heavy. Corporate media knows this. They’re just doing their best to keep people in the dark until the 2024 election, but it appears they may be overmatched by the facts.

“FOMO” May Drive Gold Prices to Record Highs Soon: Bloomberg

Arguably the best case for letting Genesis Gold Group rollover or transfer retirement accounts into a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals is the prospect of what happens when other markets suffer.

According to Anna Golubova at Kitco:

FOMO — the fear of missing out — could come to dominate the gold market as an economic slowdown in the second half of the year triggers a selloff in the stock market and a move towards $3,000 an ounce in gold, said Bloomberg Intelligence.

“Central-bank accumulation and the potential for a global economic slowdown, on the back of the most aggressive rate-hike period ever, may set the stage for gold to move toward $3,000 an ounce,” said Bloomberg Intelligence senior macro strategist Mike McGlone said in a report Tuesday.

One primary driver keeping the Federal Reserve hawkish is a strong stock market. This is what has been keeping gold from rallying, with U.S. Treasuries yielding about 5% and the S&P 500 up around 15% in 2024. But this performance will not last, according to McGlone.

“Bloomberg Economics’ outlook for an ugly 2H may tilt the potential for a gold bull market toward a key catalyst — a stock bear market,” he said. “If the 1H rising equity tide is sustained, the Fed is more likely to keep rates elevated. It’s the potential for reciprocity to the biggest liquidity pump in history that’s now dumping, and may draw parallels to 1929-30, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average initially fell about 50% and bounced about 50% before the Great Depression.”

A big gold price supporter has been central bank gold buying, which has offset gold ETF outflows. And once the stock market begins to see significant losses, nothing will be holding gold back.

Since the banking crisis began last March, gold has skyrocketed to record highs. It behooves Americans to move their retirement into precious metals while the stock market is still high and before gold and silver make their biggest moves. Nobody knows if that will be tomorrow, next week, or next month. Procrastination is not the friend of sound financial moves. Request your free Definitive Gold Guide below and learn how Genesis Gold Group can help you make the move.

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